"[This book] embodies the Buddhist wisdom about change, life, and the
world more than anything written after the events of that day."
Robert Stone

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September 18, 2011


Promotion for the book has taken me from the studios of ABC to a talk at the New York Public Library to comments on the Web pages of VanityFair.com and Time.com.

Some highlights have been appearances on Charlie Rose, NPR/PRI’s “The World,” and Tom Franklin's online video to accompany a piece in the Bergen Record.

ALSO...I was impressed with the Amherst College website's coverage of how we discuss 9/11 with today's students; I was especially taken with Professor Barry O'Connell's remarks: “One might feel it’s shocking that something like 9/11 could fade in people’s consciousness. And I’m intrigued by that. The fading--part of that is a very intelligent human way of surviving. Because living with pain endlessly is truly unbearable and keeps you in the present moment insistently. [But] if you forget completely, you’re at risk of wandering the world not just naively but helplessly. This is a real problem: How much and what should we struggle to remember of a historical event? And what is the cost of letting it go, in what measure?"

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